Lynn Krutzler

Lynn Krutzler

Served as Membership Secretary from Jan. 2022 through Dec. 2023.

Lynn started a new small business called Heavenly Sun Catcher Bakery.  In 2023 she received her Cottage food license, which allows her to bake in her home kitchen.  She makes delicious artisan breads, fruit breads (including gluten free), sweets (also some in gluten free).  This business includes Sun catchers, hence the company name. 

Lynn retired from United Airlines where she worked as a flight attendant. She moved to the Flathead Valley in March, 2018. In April 2020 she started her craft business because of and during COVID-19. Her business began when she started making face masks for family, friends and neighbors. Lynn also started making Tuxedo Wine Bottle Gift Bags and Tote Bags from upholstery samples which are inspired by a group of women in Summit County, Colorado - The Bag Ladies.

Lynn's hobbies include traveling, camping, and kayaking.

She also enjoys entertaining in her home with food and games.

Lynn also volunteers at The Conrad Mansion!

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