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Soothies were created 10 years ago by my sister and I as an effort to find a way to deliver moist heat or icy cold to various parts of the body. We wanted something to help relieve pain from sore, tight muscles after a long day of hiking, biking, or skiing, but also to provide a natural form of pain relief and to reduce swelling. After many trials with different fabrics and fills, we settled on flannel fabric and flax seed. When heated in a microwave, flannel fabric holds the heat longer than other fabrics and flax seed provides an amazing moist heat without smelling bad or burning when heated.

To use a Soothie cold, cotton fabric works best. A cotton Soothie releases the cold quickly and intensely. When frozen, each individual flax seed freezes, but the pack stays soft allowing it to be wrapped around the wrist, ankle, or any joint of the body. No longer do you have to deal with the mess of gel packs, melting ice, or frozen bags of peas.

We initially took Soothies to craft shows to see if people liked them and would use them. At the shows, we would heat the Soothie in a microwave and put it hot in peoples’ hands. They loved them and Soothies were an overwhelming success. In fact, at a typical weekend craft show, we will sell anywhere from 70 to 120 Soothies. Though some people made their own out of rice in a sock, people far preferred the pretty flannel ones we had and loved the moist heat the flax seed produces. Soothie buyers also gave us ideas for sizes and shapes they would like to have; thus, we now have 4 different sizes of Soothies, both in cotton and flannel to pick from.

Making Soothies has now become a family affair allowing me to make a lot more Soothies, and knowing this is a product people like and want to buy, we would like to make Soothies available to others outside of the craft show market. Lisa, assistant cheer coach at Montana State University, now uses cold Soothies for athletic injuries and sprains, and warm Soothies for chronic muscle pain. But all those, whether a seasoned athlete or a weekend hiker who enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle could benefit from the soothing power of a warm Soothie. It feels like a warm hug.

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