Jessica Childress - Handmade Stitches by Jess

Handmade Stitches by Jessica ChildressI am a self taught crocheter who found my passion for crochet toy making when I made a crochet Whale for my niece. Crochet toy making, or Amigurumi, is a Japanese art form that had me intrigued immediately. It fascinated me that I could take a ball of yarn and crochet it into any form, shape or animal that I desired. As I gained more experience, I expanded to more complex projects such as mermaids and two legged dolls. The finished toys are the culminations of meticulous planning coupled with trial and error to get every detail just right. The ending result is a doll or animal that is completely unique. The best part of the entire process is when I get to share this wonderful art with others; watching a face light up when they see their new doll or toy for the first time makes the work well worth it and keeps me striving to push myself further.

Handmade Stitches Crocheted Animals by Jessica Childress, Montana