Collection: Joy Kushner - Kush Life Designs

High Quality + Hand crafted + Hypoallergenic Clay Earrings to make you look & feel your best! ✨ In 2021, I was struggling with severe health issues, stress, wondering what my identity was outside of work, and I knew that I could not continue running my personal training business. I was terrified about needing to pivot my career at 39 years old. When I saw a gap in the clay jewelry industry, I knew my creativity could make women feel beautiful by providing a simple, yet classically elevated and affordable jewelry solution. Here at Kush Life Designs we are passionate about creating high quality, unique, and hand-crafted jewelry that will make women feel extra special and vibrant!

A simple pair of lightweight earrings can upgrade any look, make great gifts that will always delight, and have a way of creating community from a single compliment. What began as a journey out of my extreme health issues and depression, became a place of connection, love, and strength with women all over the world celebrating their true beauty! We are so happy to have you joining us here at the #KushLife!