Collection: Julie Frederick - Northern Latitudes Gardens and Original Art

Julie Frederick Art:
Instagram - @juliefrederickart

Northern Latitudes Gardens:
Instagram - @northernlatitudesmt

Julie Frederick is a multi-talented maker. She is new to the professional art world, though she has been creating works of art in other media for most of her life. She formally began her study of painting three years ago with her instructor and mentor, the famous western artist, Pat E. Baker.

She is, by profession, a clinical therapist working with crisis and trauma. Julie and Pat began hosting weekly art classes as a place for some of Julie's clients to be able to express their emotions in a safe and accepting environment with an instructor that accepted individuals for who they are and not force them into a rote way of painting. Pat became that instructor and mentor. Pat also became Julie's art instructor, mentor and friend.

Julie's favorite subjects are domestic dogs, cats and North American wildlife. She has produced a number of commissioned works some of which are pictured in her portfolio. Julie prefers commission work as she is able to add personality to the painting and provide a treasured heirloom for the owner of the pet. She is presently accepting commission requests. Julie plans to continue to expand and explore art and especially oils.

In addition to her art, Julie also makes amazing homemade jam through her business Slammin' Jams and also grows flowers and makes and sells her own vases through her business Northern Latitudes Gardens. See below for more information on all her businesses and creations:

Northern Latitudes Gardens I design one-of-a-kind repurposed vases.  My process is unique, and the vases are waterproof!  I originally designed the vases for my 27 varieties of dahlias along with many Victorian heirloom flowers!  After months of experimenting, I came up with my own design methods. Last year, I started getting requests for the vases alone.  People were asking me to sign the vases and they were collecting them!!  What you see featured on this site are one-of-a-kind vases for décor and florals. The vibrant colors you see on the site are true colors of the vases. When your vase arrives, please open it immediately and report to USPS if the item is broken after you take a photo of the item in the box and send it to my email.  If you live in the Flathead or Lake County area of Montana, or are visiting the area, the 10% coupon you will receive with your vase, can get you a discount on a floral arrangement! I am presently experimenting with shipping dahlias so I will keep my customers up to date on the ongoing success (or failure) of the shipping venture.