Christina Appling - LCApplingPhotoArt

Christina Appling - LCApplingPhotoArt

Hello I’m Christina Appling from LCApplingPhotoArt

My husband and I are originally from the Seattle area, having moved to Montana in 2007. We have been part of the Flathead Valley ever since. Our photography reflects our love of Montana and the Flathead Valley featuring local places like Foys Lake, Wayfarer’s State Park, and Marion, as well as many others. We enjoy plant life and many of our images feature local plants such as beauties like the Coralroot Orchid or the Mountain Lady Slipper Orchid. We focus on things happening right here in our Flathead Valley in Montana.

My husband Leif and I both do photography and I also do some art from time to time. Once the images are created they are digitized, if not already digital, and then creatively used to design items such as prints, mugs, socks and even clothing! I work as a designer on Redbubble, Society 6, and Zazzle and I sell my own items on this site and on Etsy. We are active on social media in many places. Be sure to follow us and like your favorite pictures!

I have always enjoyed seeing the details in nature, whether it is the different colors in the leaves of the same tree, or the interesting look of a rock staircase. I began photography to capture details I saw so I could later draw or paint them. I have been an artist of some sort as long as I can remember. I can imagine being in these places, wondering what adventure might lie ahead, or being reminded of an adventure that I may have already had here in the past. These images capture and inspire my creative mind and allow it to wander. My earliest art was that of the geese on the pond at the farm swimming playfully. I would love to draw them in their happy place. The paintings and photography bring me joy and I hope they bring you joy as well.



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