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Hello! My name is Tasha Glasman, I am the owner of Sew Fun MT. I am a wife, mother of two, and avid quilter. I created Sew Fun MT to remind the world how important quality family time is.

After having baby number two, I was reminded how hard finding time for quality family bonding can be. Then I remembered our game nights from when I was a kid. With my daughter so young and craving some one on one time I implemented our own game time during little brother’s naps. That time was beyond special to the both of us as we got to reconnect and bond even more. It is still our own special time together and has brought us closer than ever before.

This game time became a staple in our house, so much so, that we started playing games for date nights as well. As with most new parents, my husband and I started putting the kids needs before our own and lost track of our relationship. A game night once a week was all it took to reconnect and grow our marriage into a stronger relationship than it has ever been. Of course, just like any mom and wife, I also needed to find some time to myself. I found myself sewing quilts in the evenings after the kids went to bed. I learned to sew from my grandmother and have been quilting for as long as I can remember. It has always been relaxing for me, and it was nice to get back to my passion.

As I was sewing, I started thinking about how lucky I am to have found a way to connect with my family on such a deep level. But, what about other families? I am sure there are other moms struggling to find a way to connect with their kids and significant others. How can I remind those moms of the great tool called games? With that thought Sew Fun MT was born.

I put my two passions together … games and sewing! To bring you a family experience that no one will ever forget. You know that as a mother myself I understand how important it is to have a game that is safe. You have my personal guarantee that these games are made with your family in mind and will both help your family create a bond that will never break and last through all the family game nights to come!

I am always available to help you and your family grow together, just as I am available for my family. As a supporter of Sew Fun MT, you are not only gaining a handcrafted game that will last a lifetime, but you are gaining a new best friend that will help you use that game (or games!) to build a lasting relationship with everyone in your family. Welcome to the Sew Fun MT family!

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