Collection: Stephanie Wiley - Fat Kid Cookie Company

I have always loved to bake, although I never planned on making it my career! I was a photographer for almost 20 years before venturing into baking full time. Fat Kid Cookie Company was born out of a desire for me to make life a little bit brighter. After losing my 18-year-old son, Tommy, to fentanyl poisoning in 2020, I knew that in order to continue moving forward, I need to lean into my creative side. Baking and bringing smiles to people's faces has really helped me to keep moving forward through the grief. People often ask 'why the name Fat Kid?' Well, I believe that everyone has an inner fat kid that can't resist some sort of treat.

These cookies are the perfect delicacy to satisfy those uncontrollable cravings. Biting into Fat Kid cookie brittle will push your taste buds to their limit. They've likely never experienced such a mix of chocolate, salt and red pepper flakes in one bite. They are the perfect combination of sweet, salty and savory. In addition to this original flavor, I also make a peppermint variety that is available November through February. The cookies can be purchased on the website and can be shipped or picked up locally.

Also find me at these local events:

March 11, 2023 - Made in Montana Tradeshow - Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds, Helena, MT.

You can find my products at these local businesses:
- - Rancher's Daughter in Kalispell, MT
- - Ghostland Grind in Columbia Falls, MT
- - Monaco in Columbia Falls, MT