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Raskol Ink

Covered in Bees - Luxury Asymmetrical - Sage Green

Covered in Bees - Luxury Asymmetrical - Sage Green

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*Wanakome Luxury
*Asymmetrical Zip

The Singer Size A Mannequin is sporting a size Large Hoodie in these Photos
- Bust 32-40
- Waist 25-32
- Hips 35-43

The Luxury Asymmetrical Zip Hoodie:
This style from the fabric to the cut continues to draw people in. It makes you feel like the amazing awesome sheek type of person you know you are. The neck crosses in front and buttons on the inside truly wrapping and protecting you from the elements followed by the zipper starting at your left hip and crossing up your body to end at the right shoulder. Wearing this Raskol Hoodie imparts the confident unique feeling that only the Raskol Art on a damned fine hoodie combo can provide.

The Design:
Covered in Bees. There is an Egyptian inspired bee, let’s call it the Queen Bee on top of the Honey Comb enjoying the floral aromas and sounds of her worker bees getting that pollen goodness from flowers below and up on the side of the hood. 

  • Handmade in Montana
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