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Mary Frances Erler

Fiction Books - Lauren's Dark Passage, Far From Magnolia Driva & Voices in the Past

Fiction Books - Lauren's Dark Passage, Far From Magnolia Driva & Voices in the Past

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In this historical fiction novel, thirteen-year-old Cinda Parker knows she and her brother Ian have a special mental connection. When a mysterious stranger, Lexi, arrives from the future, they realize they are more than typical mid-twenty-first century children.

Lexi convinces the siblings to travel back 200 years into the minds and lives of their ancestors, in order to help their father, who is dealing with grief over his own father's death and anger with his brother's questionable choices.

When their family line is disrupted, Cinda and Ian learn the true value of one single life.


Lauren Parker is reeling from the dissolution of her marriage. Her ex-husband has come out of the closet and left her for a male partner. With no family of her own to turn to, she packs herself and her two children far from their home state of Texas, taking a public relations job in Colorado.

Now, even more alone, she becomes a tiny boat adrift in a sea of confusion. Then John David Cameron enters her life. Hope and security seem just around the corner, but then the unexpected happens.


Mary Anna Parker grew up in a small, southern 1950s town, but the adventures and trials of life have taken their toll and separated her from the idyllic settings of her youth.

Mental health issues that ran in her family have become all too evident in her own life, and have drawn her into an emotional maelstrom—far from her home on Magnolia Drive.

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