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Mary Frances Erler

Fiction books - series - Peaks at the Edge of the World

Fiction books - series - Peaks at the Edge of the World

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In the farthest reaches of the cosmos, on the alien world of Terres, a future reality unfolds wherein young Jael confronts the fragmentation of his family under the sinister grip of the Galactic System

Nurtured by a mother and elder siblings steadfast in their faith towards a remote sovereign known as the True King, Jael suddenly finds himself alone amid a crumbling world. His only recourse is to place his faith in an enigmatic outsider, Jon, who purports to possess the power to slice through the very fabric of space and time via an interstice known as the GAP.

Jael persuades Jon to travel with him across their planet, towards the towering mountains on the edge of their world, in search of his missing sister, Martina. However, she has fallen under the sinister influence of the Redlarks, a group of people from the untamed region known as the Wilds.

Faced by insurmountable odds, will Jon and Jael succeed in freeing Martina and find their way to a better world?

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