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The Nasty Naturalist

Funguy earrings made from reclaimed wood tree cookie

Funguy earrings made from reclaimed wood tree cookie

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It all started with a Christmas tree and a chop saw, alongside a desire to keep one less tree from getting chucked in the landfill. From there, the wood slice earrings were born.

With a design drawn from antiquarian bookplate prints, the nature nerdage is strong here. Find the secret pun on the back of the earring pair.


All metal hardware used is nickel free.

Sizing information

These funguy earrings come in two (rough) size variations: small and large. Measurements shown in product photo are in inches. Tree cookies are hand cut from foraged sticks and tree trunks, so size and thickness varies. Each pair is completely unique.

Printing information

These earrings are hand printed using a wax paper transfer process. Each design prints to wax paper from a standard inkjet printer. Then they’re pressed onto the tree cookie and sealed with resin.

Care instructions

For best results, avoid getting these wood earrings wet, and keep them out of extreme temperature swings.

  • Handmade in Montana
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