Handsewn Memory Game - Outdoor Fun
Handsewn Memory Game by Sew Fun Montana
Handsewn Memory Game by Sew Fun Montana
Handsewn Memory Game - Outdoor Fun
Playing the Handsewn Memory Game by Sew Fun Montana
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Handsewn Memory Game - Outdoor Fun

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My 100% cotton Memory game is soft to the touch and easily folds to fit into small spaces. Each one includes a bag to store the pieces (8 pairs), so they will never get lost. I built them with high quality fabrics and durable stitching that will outlast the most destructive family. The pieces are 2” by 2” which is big enough to easily find, but small enough to play almost anywhere. Put two or more games together to make it more challenging for the older kids, just make sure you have the same backing color. The white backing is slightly see-through to give the younger children a little hint while they are learning the game. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured you are getting a product that will help your family make lasting memories for years to come.

Why Buy:
Imagine sitting in the living room with your toddler. They are excited to get some one on one time with you, and are enjoying a fun new game. They start out frustrated because it is hard to find the pieces, but then they start to understand and make matches quickly. You get to watch their confidence grow, while they learn and build on a relationship that will last a lifetime.

What Makes it Special:
This game isn’t like the ones you will find in the dirty department stores. Those are made of high-priced cardboard, are all exactly the same, are hard to wash and break easily. With this game you get pieces made of sustainable materials, are one of a kind, are easily washed, and are hard to break.

The Story Behind the Game:
I created this game, thinking of my daughter. She is 3 years old and loves to play games with me or her father. She has grown so much in three years and is turning into a very compassionate, caring, and loving individual. The one on one we can give thanks to this simple game has helped her to gain confidence, knowledge, and good sportsmanship. The best part is that I got to watch it all happening with my own eyes and can see all of our hard work turning into something amazing. We still cherish game time with each other and will continue to for years to come.

Other Options:
Want a different color? Check out my website at www.sewfunmt.com