Handsewn Table Chess Game with Wooden Pieces: Black and White Arrows
Back of hand sewn table chess game by Sew Fun MT
Handsewn Table Chess Game by Sew Fun MT
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Handsewn Table Chess Game with Wooden Pieces: Black and White Arrows

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My 100% cotton Table Chess game is soft to the touch and easily folds to fit into small spaces. Each one includes a pocket on the back and a carrying pouch, so you can decide how to store them and they won’t get lost. I built them with high quality fabrics and durable stitching that will outlast the most destructive family. The board is 14” by 14” which is big enough to easily find, but small enough to play almost anywhere. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured you are getting a product that will help your family make lasting memories for years to come.

Why Buy:
Imagine your son sitting across from you, trying hard to think up a move that will finally beat you. His brain is working hard, so he lets down his guard to tell you about this girl he has had a crush on for weeks. You smile, because your heart warms with the notion that your son trusts you with such valuable information. Now, you get to give him some amazing advice and teach a new life lesson all because of a little one on one time and a game.

What Makes it Special:
This game isn’t like the ones you will find in the dirty department stores. They are made of high-priced cardboard, are all exactly the same, are hard to wash, with cheap plastic pieces, and break easily. With this game you get a board that is made of sustainable materials, is one of a kind, easily washed, with hard wood pieces, and is hard to break.

The Story Behind the Game:
I created this game, for my brother. We used to play chess all the time and I never could beat him. It became a challenge for me to outsmart him, and though it never happened, we have many fond memories playing together late into the night. We would eat junk food and play over and over again until we got yelled at to go to bed. Many years later, we don’t get to play as often, with families of our own, but we still enjoy a good match from time to time. He now, collects different chess boards and has one of mine as his favorite and most original board!

Other Options:
Want a different color? Check out my website at www.sewfunmt.com