Night Light – Butterfly Field
Night Light – Butterfly Field by Montana Alchemy
Montana Alchemy

Night Light – Butterfly Field

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Night light shades are approximately 3.25” x 2.25” (thickness may vary) and come with a standard night light base and bulb.

Option A: Johnny Jump Ups

Johnny Jump Ups, also known as tri-color viola, wild pansy or heart’s ease, might just be the happiest little flower around.  Just like their larger cousin, the Pansy, they have the cutest little face, complete with whiskers.  I grow these little guys all over my garden.  They are hearty in Montana and bloom all season long.  Plus, did you know they’re edible?!?

Option B: Asters

Asters, also sometimes called “michaelmas daisies” are a starry-shaped perennial most commonly seen in purple, but also grow in white or blue varieties and, in some hybrid types, pink.  They bloom in late summer and are a favorite of butterflies and honey bees!  Actually, as one of the last-blooming flowers of the Montana growing season, they are very important for pollinators to snag that last bit of nectar.

All my products are handmade, handcrafted, and homegrown, from start to finish.  The flowers are grown in my own backyard garden in Kalispell, Montana.  Each flower is handpicked and slow-dried to maintain color and shape.  No pre-dried, freeze dried or artificially dyed flowers are used.

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