Night Lights – Daisy Sunshine by Montana Alchemy
Night Lights – Daisy Sunshine by Montana Alchemy
Night Lights – Daisy Sunshine by Montana Alchemy
Montana Alchemy

Night Light – Daisy Sunshine

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Night light shades are approximately 3.25” x 2.25” (thickness may vary) and come with a standard night light base and bulb.

Option A: Arizona Sun

Gallardia or “Blanket Flowers” grow in bright orange and yellow varieties.  Don’t mistake this bright happy flower for a daisy because it is in a family all its own.  The yellow night light shade pictured is made with a Blanket Flower called “Arizona Sun”  They are a hearty perennial that grows well in Montana.  

Option B: Orange Symphony

Osteospermum or “African Daisy” come in tons of different varieties and colors.  These night light shades are made with a dark orange variety called “Orange Symphony”.  When drying, orange colored flowers darken to a robust brown hue.  When backlit in front of the night light, the orange to brown gradient subtlety glows.

These night light shades are also accented with yellow Marguerite Daisies.  

Did you know that the word “daisy” is rumored to have come from an Anglo-Saxon word that literally means “day’s eye”?

All my products are handmade, handcrafted, and homegrown, from start to finish.  The flowers are grown in my own backyard garden in Kalispell, Montana.  Each flower is handpicked and slow-dried to maintain color and shape.  No pre-dried, freeze dried or artificially dyed flowers are used.

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