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Skunk Dusting - Alternative ZIP Up - Sky Blue

Skunk Dusting - Alternative ZIP Up - Sky Blue

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*Alternative Apparel
* Zip UP
* Cotton & Recycled Soda Bottles

The Singer Size A Mannequin is sporting a size Large Hoodie in these Photos
- Bust 32-40
- Waist 25-32
- Hips 35-43

The Style
This Hoodie is wonderfully comfortable you will no doubt want to wear it all of the time. It is a lightweight material and has a stylish cut and casual zip that allows you to feel relaxed and hip, hip to the bone. Available for wear at any occasion,

The Design
The Skunk, it is a shy creature. Were it not for the odiferous odors that it emits at times when scared, stressed or in need of defense then it would be cuddled, petted and probably domesticated. I inherited a skunk fur coat and loved that coat. This design is an ode to that wonderful skunk creature not shying away from the puffs of smell that float across the front of the hoodie. 

  • Handmade in Montana
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