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Mary Frances Erler - Erler's Expressions

Voices in the Past - a novel

Historical Fiction - Novel - Paperback

From the Bavarian Alps and the coast of Denmark, across the sea to the New World, and into the Mountain West, this book traces 200 years in the lives and struggles of a family learning to make their way in a hostile world.

This historical fiction book by M.F. Erler, released May 15, 2021 after 5 years of labor, is a new venture for this Fantasy Author.

“I spent extra time researching my own ancestry and talking with elderly relatives to glean their stories before it was too late,” Erler said. “Unfortunately two of the relations have passed away and didn’t get to see this book, the finished product they helped inspire. I hope that our descendants will value it, though. I think this story, inspired by some members of my family, will resonate with anyone whose ancestors came to this country to make a new start. Most of us are in that group.”

From the Cover: In this historical fiction novel, thirteen-year-old Cinda Parker knows she and her younger brother Ian have a special connection. It’s not until a mysterious stranger named Lexi arrives from the future that they realize they are more than typical mid-twenty-first century children.

Lexi convinces the siblings to travel back 200 years into the minds and lives of their ancestors, in order to help their father, who is dealing with grief over his own father’s death and anger with his brother’s questionable choices. When their family line is disrupted, Cinda and Ian learn the true value of a single life.

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