5 Types of Shoppers

5 Types of Shoppers

Post by Lois Wisher

In my many years of doing craft shows, I have found that there are many different types of shoppers.  Each shopper is different, because well….we’re all unique.  They come to a craft show looking for that “something” they must have, or not.  But they need to actually figure out what that is, right?  Well my BFF, who is also a fellow crafter, and I have come up with a list of some of the different kinds of shoppers that wander by.  Pay careful attention, this list is not all-encompassing, but you've probably seen these types of shoppers too.....

1 - the "be-backers"

These shoppers will ask all of the questions and touch everything in your booth/table.  It’s exhausting sometimes spending all that time with them.  After 2 hours the customer looks at you and says “I’ll be back”.  Sometimes they come back, but usually they don’t.  Why can’t they just say “nice stuff” and just move on?  I don’t get it!?

2 - the "thinkers"

This shopper is interesting.  You smile and say hi and they’ll look over their glasses and say hi.  You do your craft show script.  “Hi how are you today” and try to make some small talk because your customer is your bread and butter, am I right?  Well this particular customer will look you straight in the eye or stare at the floor and say “I have to think about it”.  Geez….

3 - the "looky-lou’s"

This shopper drives me a little crazy.  They come to your booth, you say hi.  How are you today” with a big smile.  You get completely snubbed like your not there.  They don’t even acknowledge your presence.  THEN…they just walk away.  How rude!

4 - the "makers"

These customers are really special.  So…you spent x amount of hours shopping for your supplies and making your product.  I mean you spend a lot of time just finding said supplies.  You check the internet, Etsy, eBay, Hobby Lobby, Michaels or some specialty store that no one’s ever heard of.  We crafters are visionaries.  We see the supplies and manage to make the most beautiful, functional, unique, etc…and you are sooooo proud of it.  

Next, it’s time to set-up your craft show with the wonderful item you made with your sweat, love, unique idea to hope someone will buy it and cherish it.  Here comes your first customer after they open the doors.  You’re all smiles and welcome your customer says “Hi”. Then they turn to their friend a say in a whisper, that they think you can’t hear - "I can make that"  What?!  I always want to say to them, "well, of course you make it.  Go out and spend $103.96 for the supplies to make something like this.  I'll even share some instructiosn".  But they won’t.  They cannot make it.  They can’t copy you.  They have no idea how much time and effort truly goes into each project.  Do not be afraid or intimidated by a “Maker”.   Take it as a compliment!  It must mean your product Is that amazing!!

5 - the "meanies"

Last but not least the meanies.  Again,  you worked so hard to put this event together and you’re all geared up with a smile on your face and total optimism in your heart when…. A person(s) comes into your booth, you smile, make a funny face, blow a raspberry, stand in your head just to get this person to even acknowledge you.  Well….it ain’t gonna happen.  I don’t know if these people get up on the wrong side of the bed, has a tummy ache, got in an argument with their spouse? Who knows.  They are just grumpy and actually kinda mean.  They don’t even acknowledge you.  If they do acknowledge you, they bearly make eye contact (if at all) and they glare down at your things with looks of disgust.  They can not even bring it on to themselves to even say hi or even fake a smile.  These types of shoppers used to actually hurt my feelings, a lot.  But look at it this way, there’s another customer coming your way!

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And don’t forget the shoppers like me, who love handcrafted art and buy too much.


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