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Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead (ACF) is a volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts, crafts and small business in the Flathead Valley.

We provide small business growth information to our members in addition to hosting 2 craft shows per year, and the online ACF Market where our members can sell their handcrafted products.

We were founded in 1981 and have grown into a community of artists and crafters who are always happy to help each other, give advice, and learn small business tricks together. We are always looking for new ways to grow and help our members reach new customers with their handmade products.

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History of ACF

ACF was formed in May of 1981 as the brainchild of Kathy and John Harranon. John and Kathy were seeking alternative options for selling their products in the Flathead Valley since local art galleries were charging the artists 30% to 40% consignment fees. Farmers’ markets were another option but were very produce-oriented and did not seem like the right venue for artists and crafters at that time. Additionally, Kathy and John learned that the Hockaday Museum was focusing its promotional efforts on out-of-town artists which ultimately excluded local, Kalispell-area artists. The fact that ACF grew so quickly in its first few years is a testament to the need to a local organization dedicated to supporting Flathead Valley artists and crafters. Kathy and John gathered a Steering Committee of 12 members to help them get ACF off the ground and running. ACF’s logo was designed in 1981 by Vern Wyman.

In June of 1981, ACF had 31 members. By the following year, 1982, ACF had 118 members. In its largest membership years, ACF had approximately 180 members. Membership numbers have fluctuated over the years, ranging anywhere from 30 to over 180.

The original name of ACF was “Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead Valley.” In 1992, the members felt that including the word “Valley” in the organization’s title and requiring members to “live in Flathead Valley proper” was misleading to members who live in Lake County rather than Flathead County. Thus, the name was changed to “Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead” and the Bylaws were amended.

In 2015/2016/2017, ACF was hearing concerns from its few-remaining members that ACF was not fulfilling its purpose, was not recruiting new members and had a bad reputation around the Flathead Valley. ACF formed a Reorganizational Committee to address these concerns and discuss ways to reinvigorate the organization. Today, new membership is back up and ACF hosts the largest two craft shows in the Valley each year!

Meet the Board Members

List of current ACF board members - click on each name to learn more.


Ashley Bishop

Web Admin

Lindsay Mena

Vice President

Pam Bondesen


Jenny Reed


Sharon Askelson

Fundraising Committee Chair

Lindsay Mena

Recording Secretary

Pilar Ogier

Outreach Committee Chair

Christie Williams

Membership Secretary

Lynn Krutzler

Social Media Admin

Gayle Emberstone

 Show Committee

Pam Bondesen
Amy Doyle