Craft Show Etiquette

Craft Show Etiquette

Post by Lois Wisher

There are a few very, very, very important rules when doing a craft show.  I’ll try and cover as much as possible without having to go to a book publisher to send out actual books.

Let me break down a few of the most important things to always keep in mind while selling you unique, beautiful, well thought out, time staking, whole hearted handmade items.

We take such great pride in what we do, so let’s show the customers that we mean business.

#1 - Personal Appearance

I know how hard I work making my bows and little clay pieces and the fact that sometimes I don’t get out of my pajamas or put makeup on for about 3 months during the winter.  I feel so comfy and accomplished by all of the beautiful items I’ve made.

Time to look in the closet and pick out an outfit and maybe some makeup for the ladies.  Our appearance let’s the customer know how much pride you take in your craft, among other things.  Jeans are good, but dress them up.  Don’t wear an old Seattle Seahawks T-Shirt.  Pick out a blouse/shirt and layer with a nice sweater/jacket.  Add a little jewelry like a necklace snd/or earrings made by one of our vendor friends.  This is simple and probably doesn’t require you to spend any money.  I use this particular sample because its comfortable to wear during the 8-10 hour days.  High heels?  That’s up to you, but ouch!  Remember:  Your physical appearance reflects your pride in yourself and your craft.  Plus, you feel pretty/handsome!  

#2 - SMILE.   SAY HELLO.  

Be genuinely happy to see your customers.  Remember the different shoppers?  Bebackers, Thinkers, Looky Lou’s, Makers and Meanies.  Be ready.  There will probably be a few of these different shoppers in your booth at once.  Think ahead of how you’ll relate to them.  The customers are your bread and butter.  Always, always acknowledge your customers, and their children!  If you are kind to their children, it probably makes that mom or grandma feel more comfortable to stay and shop in your booth.  Always be engaging.  I rearrange my booth a lot so it looks like I might be putting new things out and it subtly shows the customer the items your “arranging”.  

DON’T HANG ON YOUR PHONE OR ELECTRONICS DURING THE SHOW.  Enough said on that topic.  I think you all get that one.

#3- Always be kind, polite, helpful and thankful for the other vendors.  

Introduce yourself to them.  I LOVE meeting new people and embracing the ones I’ve known forever.  Offer to watch their booth if they need to stretch their legs or get a bite to eat.  I usually stand between my booth and their booth so I can help their customers and/or let them know the vendor will be right back.  Some of my best friend crafters and I built our friendships this way.  We usually buy from each other too.  We can help each other during set up/take down where we can.  “Can you hold this?”  Sound familiar?  “Do you have 5 $1 for a $5?”  We are all like minded.  We can give each other advice, stories to be told, suppliers (😉) and just everyday stuff to talk about.  Don’t forget the customers tho.  Lol….

Sometimes it’s hard to be social if you’re shy or nervous.  Come out of you safe place and have fun.  You’ll never regret it!

I hope this blog is helpful.  We have a big show coming up!  Use these tools I just listed and see if they help

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This is very important. Everyone wants to see smiley faces when they visit a booth.

betty joyce

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