Tips on Building a Brand

Tips on Building a Brand

Post by Jerry Reynolds

When you think about a company's brand, what are some things that come to mind?
For me, things like packaging, style, product reliability, customer service, buying experience, and content all come to mind.  Every successful company, artist, and professional has a core group of fundamentals that are recognizable about what they offer to customers.
Let me ask you a second question, what is your brand?
Taking the time to think about these two questions is very important as we try to expand our businesses.  Whether you have a hobby business that you do just for fun, or you create products as a full-time business, your brand plays a key role in how customers perceive you.
The natural follow-up question is, how do I build my brand?
The answer to that question starts with what you produce.  At every craft show, artists and craftsmen create similar things to others.  Some make paintings, some make leather products, and some make soap and home interiors.  The key is to differentiate yourself from others in some way that people find interesting.
It might start with offering different styles or patterns for our products.  Maybe you use different mediums like wood or metal for your products.  Maybe we offer scents or designs not offered by those around us.  In many cases, it is the little things about the product that has the biggest impact.
There are other subtle things that we can do to also enhance the brand like packaging, product details, and usefulness.  
We can change and enhance just about everything we make, what is not replaceable is you.  I want you to know that you don't have to do everything all at one time.  Pick a logo that fits you.  Pick packaging that you are comfortable with.  Use lesser materials to perfect a prototype.  Make fewer quantities or more ideas to understand what sells and what doesn’t.  Once you know a product is viable, then start making small adjustments to these details.
You are the key.  If something is not finished to your standard, work on it until it is.  As I have mentioned in all my articles, people want to support you.  They are proud of you for having the courage to produce something.  You have no idea how powerful that is.
Building a brand as an artist starts and ends with your individual creativity.  While there are small things we can do to enhance the marketing of our brand, no one has ever decided not to support an artist because they have the wrong price tag style.  Let your work speak for itself.

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Branding is so important to a company. Doing the research before creating your new brand is key to the success of the company.

Sandy Sumerix

Excellent article!

David Sturzen

There are definitely some vendors at ACF that have top notch brand presence. And when I see certain items in town, I know exactly which vendors they came from.

Jessica Sturzen

Thanks for the great info!

Jessica Snyder

I’m interested in making scented wax melts and soap

Katrine Christopherson

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