Gayle Emberstone

Gayle Emberstone

Currently serving is Social Media Admin.

Let me tell you about the most epic sandwich ever… sugar weenies.   I would look forward to lunch every time I visited my grandparents’ house, just for this sandwich!

To make the epic sugar weenie sandwich is quite simple, first cut your hot dogs lengthwise.  Second, place the hot dogs in a hot pan flat side down. Third, pour enough sugar to cover the hot dogs and let them cook.  Wait to flip the hot dogs until the sugar has melted completely, then cook the other side. The hot dogs are ready when they are nice and fried and the sugar is glazed. Finish the sandwich by spreading two slices of bread with Miracle Whip and top with the hot dogs and enjoy!

This is one of the many sugar adventures that inspired my love of candy to grow into what it is today!  I have always believed that candy is a universal language, because it brings such joy to everyone no matter your age.

It has been my dream since I was a child to run a candy business. I grew up loving freeze dried ice cream. When I found out that you could own a freezer and that you could freeze dry candy, I sold my motorcycle and opened the business. I have been in business now for almost 3 years. As of Feb 2023 I was able to go full time with my business leaving my previous job behind!

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