Inspired by Barns

Inspired by Barns

Post by Judy Huber-Cogswell

Barns inspire many crafters. Barns have similar shapes and they are usually painted red. That's why it's sad that so many have fallen into ill repair. Some are crumbling back to nature.

They whisper a history of the past where they sheltered hay for cattle or horses. There was always a resident cat.

I love to drive along the highways and spot a barn on the left, a barn on the right, and a barn near the horizon. I try to imagine what the families were like as they settled in and began a new but tough life. Some family farms were overtaken by large corporate farms. Some farms went bankrupt but others managed to survive.

Barns fascinate me. I love to put them into my designs as do many crafters. Some crafters salvage the wood for their designs in paintings and frames.  I'm fortunate to have a barn just beyond a field in my backyard. I see it from my dining room and kitchen windows and have counted eight horses who call it home. I'm sure there is a cat.

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