Quilters Quirks

Quilters Quirks

Post by Judy Cogswell

Quilters have a hard time throwing pieces of fabric away. I am no different.  I just finished a quilt and had small scraps left over. What do I do with them? I can’t throw them in the trash. So I asked a few of my quilting buddies what some of their quirks are (as in odd or unusual) and they responded. 

  • "This scrap is too pretty to throw away."

  • I wish my bobbin was square not round so when it falls to the floor it doesn’t roll under my table.

  • ..The distance your bobbin rolls away from you when it’s dropped is directly proportional to the length of the thread in the bobbin.

  • ..I wish bobbins were as large as cones.

  • When your bobbin runs out with 10 inches left on my project.

  • When my pins fall to the floor. Where’s my magnet?

  • I wish I could find my glasses when they are right there on my head in my hair!

  • This needle doesn’t have an eye.

  • Where are my scissors? They were here a minute ago.

  • When I’ve gone to bed and I wonder….Did I leave my iron on?

  • When I buy fabric and it is not enough to complete my project.

  • Having so much fabric and so many patterns/ideas that you will die before you can use them all up, yet you still buy more fabric or patterns.

  • When my friend and I go to a quilt shop and I announce: I’m not buying ANYMORE fabric! Yea, right.

  • Quilters can’t go to a quilt shop without buying fabric.

  • When you tell your husband you will be just a few minutes and come back 1½ hours later with bags of fabric.

  • When someone says, “That just makes the colors POP.” I just hate that word.

  • I wish she would close her rotary blade!..Are you talking to ME? I don’t know how to close the blade.

  • When someone asks if I will hem their pants...My husband quit asking...My husband’s pants are still in the basket of to dos. He’s forgotten them.

  • When someone asks if I can sew all new buttons on a shirt.

  • When someone says they found a great material for a new blanket.

  • No one remembers to bring an iron for the group to use.

  • Sewing/un-sewing matching points 5 or 6 times and still can’t get them to meet correctly...I think it is the failure of the designer…..not me.

  • When the fabric or the piecing paper gives up and you have to re-make your block(s).

  • It never fails: you get to the end of making your blocks and the last strip is two inches short of what you need. And then having to drive 65 miles to buy a fat quarter so you can finish the quilt.

  • It never fails: you pack up everything and head to guild or minis, then realize you forgot something you need and have to go back home to get it.

  • You make all 80 blocks you need for a quilt, but when you put your top together you will always be one block short.

  • ..Or when you finally put the quilt together and find one block going in the wrong direction.

  • The curse of the quilters: waiting until someone leaves, then sneaking to the waste basket and salvaging all their scraps.

  • Asking for everyone’s opinion on what fabrics you should use on your new project, then eventually doing your own thing.

  • Singing to the radio while you sew, especially when you are making fun of the song.

  • Apparently, she who dies with the most fabric, wins………

Well, those of some of the quilters’ quirks. This is how I work on my excessive scrap leftovers. I devised a system where I cut the scraps into 1”, 1 1/4”, 2” , 2 1/4”, 2 1/2” lengths and each have their own labeled bucket. I also have overflow scraps in larger buckets. Time consuming, yes. So is this quirky?


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