December 2022 Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter

Find a downloadable PDF version of this newsletter HERE.

Membership Applications & Renewals will be ready in January.

Many of you have been inquiring about membership renewal for 2023. We do apologize for the delay but we were waiting for the November Motions voting to close before we can finalize the Membership forms. So, we plan to send forms and link to online forms to you all in early January.

Summer Show Poster Design Contest

We are once again looking for some poster designs for our 2023 Summer Show. If you'd like to have your artwork used for the poster, please submit by January 18, 2023. You can send artwork by email to, upload through the website here:, or you can bring designs to the January General Meeting on 1/18/23.

Do NOT include poster text on your submitted design. Text will be added later if your design is selected. Designs can be any medium - photography, paintings, drawings, graphic designs, etc.

Once all design submissions are received, members will vote on which design they like the best.

We can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Christmas Show Contest Winners

The shoppers voted and we've tallied them up. Here are the most voted-for vendors of our various vendor contests during Christmas Show:

Best Overall Booth Layout/Design:

Big Sky Laser Design, Montana Mountain Mama, Zayz Sweets, B&C Creations, Rogue Wax

Best Winter Wonderland or Holiday Decorations:

Big Sky Laser Designs, Red Poppy, Rogue Wax, Lillie Lane, Zayz Sweetz

Friendliest Vendor:

Beth Anderson, Gayle Emberstone, Pilar Ogier, Julie Frederick

Best Holiday Costume/Outfit:

Friday - Lynn Krutzler, Don Bissell

Saturday - Lisa White, Ashley Bishop, Lynn Krutzler

Sunday - Ashley Bishop, Pilar Ogier, Lynn Krutzler, Amanda Kubai, Lisa White

Motion Results:

Voting closed on December 16, 2022, on the motions that were presented by the Board in Nov. 2022. 89 ballots were received - therefore a quorum was reached (46 votes were needed for a quorum).

We also confirmed that no member voted more than once. Some ballots had questions that were skipped by the voter. These are indicated as "abstain" in the final count. Each motion needs 67% majority to pass (or 59 votes). The results are as follows:

Motion 1A: to revise Show Rules 4(5) and 10 to clarify expectations on documentation for food vendor applicants, including food trucks:

83 - Yes
5 - No
1 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 1B: To add language to Show Rule 4(5) that addresses SB199:

78 - Yes
7 - No
4 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 2: To revise Bylaw Article III, Section 3: Membership Fees to clarify the renewal deadline:

86 - Yes
2 - No
1 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 3: To revise Show Rule 8 to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act criteria:

85 - Yes
3 - No
1 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 4A: To remove Nominating Committee and assign those responsibilities to Vice President:

78 - Yes
10 - No
1 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 4B: to remove Bylaw Committee and assign those responsibilities to Vice President:

77 - Yes
10 - No
2 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 4C: To remove Committee Assistants and instead request assistance from members on an as-needed basis:

81 - Yes
7 - No
1 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 4D: Split the responsibilities of Outreach Committee into two separate committees - outreach and fundraising:

82 - Yes
4 - No
3 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 5: to create the Membership Tiers program:

62 - Yes
24 - No
3 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 6A: to join Summer Show with Food Truck Festival again - June 23-25, 2023

70 - Yes
19 - No
0 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 7: To permit the Board to research and propose a Junior Membership program:

72 - Yes
14 - No
3 - Abstain
This motion passes

Motion 6B: Should Summer Show be a 2-day or 3-day event:

47 - 2-day
39 - 3-day
3 - Abstain
This motion did NOT pass - this question will be revisited

Motion 8: To add a rule to Show Rules regarding removal of rule violators at shows.

79 - Yes
7 - No
3 - Abstain
This motion passes

Board Nominees: Approval of 2023 Board Nominees:

87 - Yes
2 - No
0 - Abstain
This motion passes


2022 Christmas Show Shopper Count:

  • Friday - 3748
  • Saturday - 3320
  • Sunday - 1589
  • TOTAL = 8657

Next General Meeting

January 18, 2023 - 7:00 pm - County Kitchen Building at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

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This was my first year and my first show at the Fairgrounds. I really enjoyed it. The organization was excellent, and the venue very nice. I appreciate your hard work, and for welcoming me into your group. I plan to see you in January.

Mary Frances Erler

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