December 2023 Newsletter

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Motion Results

  • Motion 1 - add “drive in” written rules to Show Rules

passed - 93 for, none opposed

  • Motion 2 - create “fair committee” and add to Handbook

passed - 93 for, none opposed

  • Motion 3 - to pursue possibility of hosting week-night markets in downtown Kalispell

passed - 92 for, 1 opposed

  • Motion 4 - to update show booth pricing

passed - 92 for, 1 opposed

General Membership & Renewals

New Membership and Renewals are now open. New Membership fee is $40, for your first year. After your first year, membership renewal fee is $25 annually. ACF will accept applicants who take an active interest in creating original art and/or handcrafted items, whether or not for the purpose of exhibit or sale or who would like to participate in the promotion of the arts and crafts in the community and who meet requirements outlined in the ACF General Rules.

Each paid membership comes with:

  • the right to vote on motions and organization issues at ACF meetings
  • ONE profile page on the ACF Webpage
  • Discounted Member booth rates on ACF's two hosted shows. ACF members are given priority over non-members for booth space
  • advertising and promotion of your small business by ACF through its webpage, Facebook page and Instagram page.
  • Access to updated information regarding vendor events scheduled to take place in the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas.
  • Monthly members-only newsletters
  • and MORE!

Members are encouraged to attend General Meetings and to actively participate in organization activities and discussions. The more you participate, the more you will get out of ACF.

2023 Christmas Show - Survey Summary

Note from Sheryl Soderstrom - We had 150 vendors at this show and received 72 survey forms (48%). Although the form was set-up in an open format with areas for Favorite and Least Favorite items, some people reversed their answers or justified their answer by explaining their understanding of the issue. Therefore, comments were viewed as either positive or negative regardless of where they were on the page. Of the 281 comments made, there were 221 (79%) positive comments compared to 60 (21%) negative comments on the surveys.

Most positive comments (Favorite) fell into 5 categories:

  • The Event (124 comments - 56%) – planning, preparation, setup, layout, take down – all things that ACF and/or Show Committee did to pull off the event.
  • People (58 comments - 26%)
  • Experience (30 comments - 14%) – how people felt about the event
  • Food Trucks (7 comments - 3%)
  • Facility (less than 1%)

Most negative comments (Least Favorite) fell into 2 categories:

  • The Event (40 comments – 67%)
  • Facility (19 comments – 32%)

Suggestions made on Survey Forms

  • Dance Party Break when Slow
  • Cocktail Hour when slow
  • 1 more Coffee Truck
  • Have Food Trucks offer delivery
  • Signs on East side Doors to Vendors – Don’t open
  • Wipe down tables and chairs each night
  • Preview/edit/approve ads
  • Could call attention to high $ sellers (to show others what sells)
  • Coffee truck in the front to have more room
  • 2 day show?
  • Follow/Enforce the rules (no children in booths and/or with vendors)
  • Have vendors post name and business name in booth
  • Adjust hours, especially Sunday, to start at 11 am
  • Allow people from other counties to be members
  • Have a Santa booth for pics

If you’d to see more details on the survey responses, we’d be happy to share. We also plan to discuss the responses in detail during the January General Meeting


see you at the January 17th 2024 at the general meeting!

- Ashley Bishop, President

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