June 2024 Newsletter

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June General Membership Meeting

June 12 @ 7pm

Country Kitchen Building at the Fairgrounds

(Doors open @ 6pm)

June Meeting Business

We have several motions that will be up for vote in September. We also will be holding a special election in June - we have a number of openings on the board that need to be filled. We are taking nominations for Treasurer, Show committee, Social Medial Admin and Web admin. Vote will be by email or mail in ballot.

Start of Summer Show Set up Schedule

Wednesday, June 19

Booths 2-22 - Drive in 11am-1pm - Walk in 11am-6pm

Booths 23-58 - Drive in 1pm-3pm - Walk in 1pm-6pm

Booths 59-94 - Drive in 3pm-6pm - Walk in 3pm-6pm

Thursday, June 20

Booths 95-130 - Drive in 8am-10am - Walk in 8 am-6pm

Booths 131-152 - Drive in 10am-12pm - Walk in 10 am-6pm

Bo0ths 135-160 - Drive in 12pm-2pm - Walk in 12pm-6pm

Show Schedule

Friday, June 21

7am-9am additional walk in set up

9am Mandatory Vendor Meeting

10am-5pm Event open


Saturday, June 22

10am-5pm Event open


Sunday, June 23

10am-4pm Event open.


Tear Down Sunday, June 23 - 4:05pm


Start of Summer Show Reminders

Name tags are required for all vendors. (the stick on kind are available at ACF HQ)


Vendors must not close down their booth until after the event closes each evening. Friday 5pm, Sat 5pm Sunday 4 pm.


Sunday Tear down starts at 4:05 (Drive in available after 5pm. You must have permission from show committee to drive in.

Why you shouldn’t Tear down early

“Just wanted to validate the observation that tearing down early could cause the loss of a sale. Several times over the years of various events and markets, we have had customers arrive at the last minute-almost literally. Sometimes it is just for a jar or two, but one time it was a $60 sale and another it was another almost $100 sale.”

Ruth Naldrett

Nominee for Treasurer

Ashley Bishop:

I bring 3 years of experience as treasurer of the Custer PTO, where I successfully managed funds for their largest fund raiser, the Jog-A-Thon. Transparency in fund allocation is crucial to me, and I utilize MoneyMinder, a software designed for nonprofits, to ensure clear and accurate financial tracking.

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