October 2022 Newsletter

October 2022 Newsletter

Special Meeting - October 12, 2022

7:00 PM

Country Kitchen of Flathead County Fairgrounds

Special Meeting Agenda:

  • Discussion re 2022 Summer Show
  • Discussion re 2023 Summer Show
  • Discussion re Membership growth and how to manage it
  • Discussion re Junior Membership program
  • Introduce 2023 board nominees

This meeting has been called to discuss some big issues in advance of our annual November Election.  We have several motions posed by board members that we’d like to discuss prior to a vote, and would like to open the floor to submission of other motions or suggestions for ACF going into 2023.  Please make sure to attend this meeting if you’d like to take part in discussion of any or the above topics. 

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Art/Craft Supply Sale was a Success! 

Outreach Committee coordinated an art/craft supply market on September 17, 2022.  We had 13 members participate in person, sell their items and help with selling of the donated items, plus we received donations from 10 other members.  Altogether the event took in over $4000 in income, nearly $3000 of which was earned by the participating vendors.  After paying for the building rent, the “Create It Forward” education fund received $1083 – a very successful fundraiser!!

Shoppers were lined up outside the door started about 45 minutes before the event was scheduled to open.  Within the first hour, we made over $1300 in items sales.  Not to shabby considering most of the supplies we had for sale were priced at $5 or less – WOW!

Because of the success of the fundraiser, and the response from the shoppers, we are willing to consider hosting this event again.  Perhaps a “spring cleaning” art/craft supply sale should be on the calendar???  If you’re interested in participating in this type of event in the future, or if you’re interested in helping plan and host this event, please let us know. 

Seeking Donations 

We have a long list of fun fundraising activities coming up this fall and we could use some more prize donations.  Donated items can be some of your handmade creations, gift cards or even other donated items and gift certificates from various local businesses, if you’re able to sweet-talk anyone into donating.  The more donates we get, the more fundraising we can do!  So, please consider bringing some donations to the next General Meeting – October 12, 2022.

Here are the upcoming prizes we’re seeking donations for:

  1. WINGO prizes
  2. Raffle baskets
  3. Christmas Show booth decoration contest prizes
  4. Advent Calendar raffle basket – will need 25 items total
  5. Post-Christmas fundraising efforts
  6. Other future ideas! 

A message from your ACF Presidental Nominee: 

Dear Fellow Members,

I want to introduce myself, my name is Ashley Bishop and I have been an ACF Member since 2021. I may be new to this nonprofit organization, but I promise you I have previous Board Leadership experience. I was the President of MOMS Club of Ferndale, Wa from 2018 to 2019 in total a member for three years. I was the Treasurer of Custer PTO for two years, member for three years. I am a member of the Bigfork Schools PTA working alongside the volunteer coordinator, member for two years.

I have lead monthly meetings, planned activities and successful fundraisers. I would be humbled to lead ACF for the next year as your President. On the business side of things, I am a member of the Made in Montana program, a Bigfork Area Chamber of Commerce member as well as a member in good standing with Artists and Craftsmen of Flathead. I’ve been self employed since 2020, I started out with teaching online paint parties, to then selling take home paint kits, to getting new equipment that laser engraves & cuts on a variety of materials.

I have been an Artist for years, I just never would allow myself the title of Artist. The reason for this is because there are so many talented people who surpass my skillset, and I recognize now, that each individual is unique. I am in awe of all our members, walking the shows, seeing booth displays, each Artist and Craftsman honing their talents and presenting them to our community. ACF does many wonderful things for our community as well and I would be truly humbled if I could lead as your President next year.

Sincerely yours, Ashley Bishop 

Christmas Show Maps are Finalized

Show Committee worked very hard to get the show map finalized quickly since we know you are all eager to see what your booth number is.  Welcome packets will be mailed Friday. 

We have a very full show and an extensive waiting list.  So, if you need to cancel your booth, please plan to do so as soon as possible.  We absolutely don’t want to see any of you cancel, but if you must, last minute changes to the maps can be very burdensome to Show Committee.  If you cancel before Nov. 1 you can still be guaranteed a full refund on your booth fee.

Also, as you read through your welcome packet, if you have any questions about the set up schedule or think you’ll have any scheduling conflicts with your assigned set up time, please contact Show Committee right away.  We can try to coordinate your requests, but last minute requests will not be well taken. 

Please also note, to guarantee booths for every member who wanted one, we had to add a 4th column of booths to the map layout.  This is not new, it’s actually how we used to have the map laid out before 2020, but it does mean the aisles will be a little narrower than you’ve been used to the past 2 years.  So, this also means that show committee is going to be even more diligent in their coordination when you drive your vehicle in to drop off your booth set up stuff.  Please be respectful of Show Committee, all their hard work, and of your fellow vendors and their carefully created items.  As always, it will take everyone’s teamwork to safely and efficiently set up this event.  Failure to follow Show Committee’s direction may result in loss of drive-in privileges for the future.

Finally, if you’d like to send us any new photos of your products for our use in our advertising campaigns in November, please do so.  You can send photos to artistsoftheflathead@gmail.com 

Wine Wednesday WINGO

Come join us at MontaVino Winery in downtown Kalispell on October 19, 2022 from 6pm to 8pm to play some BINGO (a.k.a. Wingo since it’s at a winery).  This is a fundraiser for the “Create It Forward” education fund.  It’s free to come hang out, but cost is $1 per sheet, per round to play Wingo.  We hope to play 10 rounds of Wingo, depending on time.  We have tons of fun prizes you can win, including a large grand prize gift basket from MontaVino.  Kahuna Hot Dogs food truck will be onsite also.

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