Collection: Jennifer Allender - Time and Again Haven

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I am a 5th generation Montanan, living in Columbia Falls with my husband and three dogs. I work full time for a wonderful physical therapy company. We have three sons who are now on their own life journeys, and I found that after raising kids, I had more time to do the hobbies that I really enjoy.

During the summer months, I find myself at various rivers and lakes with our dogs, and an abundance of rockhounding to do! My Grandpa was the "master rockhounder" and the agates he found on the Yellowstone River will always be cherished. Aside from collecting and tumbling rocks, I wanted to find a job for my rock tumblers to do in the winter months! GLASS! I've always loved sea glass, and learning that I can make my own, just opened up a whole new world for me! My tumblers are going 24/7 and the cultured sea glass that I have created is used to make beautiful wreaths, sun catchers, glass art and candle holders. Creating these gems have become my passion. Adding colorful beads and Montana wood into some of the pieces adds to the beauty.

Sitting on my deck, with a cup of coffee, and watching the sun beam through the colorful glass and bead chimes, will put a smile on my face every time.