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I've been an artist and educator for more than 15 years and have been lucky enough to travel my whole life over our vast amazing country that have inspired countless artists before me. I enjoy using many different mediums and substrates, creating and sometimes deconstructing many layers to build surreal and abstract landscapes. I tend to use explosive colors and attempt to invoke a spirit or emotion within a finished piece.

A motto that I live by is "Art is for the people". An idea that I have been playing with is creating more travel friendly fine art to suit the needs of fellow travel enthusiasts and this ever connected world we live in. Art not only allows us to show our individuality, but connects us just the same.

Attempting to merge fine art with the digital age is an ever evolving challenge! I am thankful for ACF and the other artists and craftsmen apart ACF that have come together to create an online platform for our creations.