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I have been a freelance artist for 40 years. I began my professional career in 1984 as Resident Artist for the Windfeather organization, raising funds for indigenous tribal children.

My artistic expression expands through the use of charcoal, oil, watercolor, pen & ink, and acrylic; applying these mediums onto canvas, paper, and stone. My art has shown in galleries, art exhibitions and promotional art programs and has been collected by public and private individuals.

I believe that inspiration toward the arts is a very vital part of a person’s life and I enjoy planting the seeds of creativity in the imaginations of young and adult minds through my creations.

During my 57 years of art expression, I have come to a greater understanding of life and the choices of subject and content of my creations. Eclectic in nature, my exploratory process has taken me into different styles, movements, and color palettes, which change periodically, keeping my creativity fresh and exciting.

Living in Montana, I am constantly inspired by its natural beauty and majestic seasons. As I paint or draw, it is done with a joyful heart and perspective which allows me to embrace the true “Art Spirit.”

It is my sincere hope that as the public views my body of work, they may share an experience that transcends the mundane – and feeling elevated.

Also find me at these events:

• Jun. 21 to Jun. 23, 2024 - Start of Summer Art/Craft Show - Trade Center Building, Flathead County Fairgrounds - Kalispell, MT