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Garage Crafts was created by accident. My Dad's love of making things out of wood is how all this came about. Even one of my friends calls him a wood ninja. It started as a hobby and turned into a small business. In 2021 my Dad started making boxes just to see if he could. He finished them and then gave them away to family and friends. One day while showing off his recently made box to our veterinarian, the vet commented to my Dad “Hey you should sell these! They are absolutely beautiful.” After hearing about all the comments he was receiving from people a plan started forming in my mind. And so Garage Crafts was created. He makes all of the boxes in his garage :)

I didn't want my Dad to be the only one making items to sell for our events. I pondered what to do to help out. One day when we were cleaning up the yard, we had lost a part of our apple tree, a big part, I asked my Dad, hey can you cut this big branch up for me into discs? I wanted to try and make something out of it and not waste it. That is where the idea of my fun magnets came from. They bring a lot of smiles and laughs to so many people. It makes me feel like I have accomplished a good deed for the day when I get to watch people just wandering by our booth and they stop to read a magnet and just bust out laughing. I could not waste the scraps that my Dad has left over from making his boxes either, no sir. Those turned into resin magnets, necklaces, and sun catchers.

In 2022 I registered us with our town and applied for a business license. We signed up at the Columbia Falls Community Market as fill-ins for their events. What a blast we had doing that. Don't get me wrong it is hard work setting up and tearing down for sure. But all the great people we have met make up for all the hard work at any event we go to. We have also done events at the Eagles Club in Columbia Falls, the United Methodist Church during the Night of Lights, and most recently at the Kalispell Weekend Market Pop Up that is held in the Kalispell Mall. We hope to see you at one of our events in 2023.

Also find me at these events:

• Jul. 27 to Jul. 28, 2024 - Flathead Faerie Festival - Centennial Farms (563 McMannamy Draw) - Kalispell, MT

• Jun. 21 to Jun. 23, 2024 - Start of Summer Art/Craft Show - Trade Center Building, Flathead County Fairgrounds - Kalispell, MT