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We make/build, refurbish, rebuild, and recondition all split cane bamboo fly rods. Looking for something special? We also make custom bamboo fly rods to meet your needs.

Currently we have three different types of bamboo fly rods we sell:
1) Custom Made Bamboo Fly Rods - made by splitting the culm, planing the strips, gluing the pieces together, and building the rod to a finished stage

2) Custom Built Bamboo Fly Rods - these are made from old bamboo fly rods that are unmarked or the manufacturer is unknown. These rods are custom built, starting with a bare bamboo blank. These rods are the majority of what we build and sell.

3) Refurbished Bamboo Fly Rods - These are brand name bamboo fly rods, such as Montague, Horrocks-Ibbotson, South Bend, etc, that we totally refurbish. Most of these rods are restored for customers

After years of fishing with bamboo fly rods we decided to figure out how to build a bamboo fly rod and the engineering principals behind them. We had previously spent 35 years as a Civil Engineer designing and building concrete/steel bridges

Starting in May, 2016, we set out to learn everything we could about Bamboo Fly rods, from making, building, rebuilding, refurbishing, and restoring them. We read and studied everything we could get our hands on.

We spent two and one half years going back to the basics and applying the skills we had learned in making and building Bamboo fly rods before we opened the doors of Grizzly Bamboo Rods on January 4th, 2017.

In 2017. we built and sold 13 Custom Built bamboo fly rods, 1 newly made Bamboo fly rod and restored 7 rods back to their original factory condition. 2018 was an even more promising year.. In 2018 we Custom Built 26 fly rods, made 5 new rods, and restored 13 bamboo fly rods back to their original condition. It has gotten bigger and better since then. Currently we do 25 Custom Made rods, 25 Custom Built rods, and restore 15-20 bamboo fly rods.

All our Custom Built and Refurbished bamboo fly rods are old bamboo fly rods that we have bought, traded, or etc.

We take these old rods, strip everything off them to produce a totally clean bamboo blank. We built a special stress-test machine to mechanically test all of our clean bamboo blanks to ensure they are free of flaws, failures, splits, and etc.

Any clean bamboo blank found to have defects, is placed in a pvc tube filled with water for a period of 48 hour, to delaminate the bamboo blank into the six pieces originally used to build the bamboo blank. All the old glue is then cleaned off each piece. Each piece is then examined for flaws, re-planed if necessary, heat treated, glued back into a clean bamboo blank, cleaned, sanded and sized. These bamboo blanks are then classified by the industry as newly made bamboo blanks.

In building our bamboo fly rods, we use Gorilla Glue for rod protection. All of our rods receive 20 coats of hand-rubbed Gorilla Glue. We then wrap all of our stripper guides and rod guides with 00 silk thread. These thread wraps receive 3 coats of Helmsman Satin Spar Varnish to produce a long lasted hold. The rod is then finished with 5 coats of hand-rubbed Gorilla Glue for a satiny, durable, long-lasting, almost indestructible finish that will last you a lifetime.

We treat all of our Newly Made bamboo fly rods with the same finish..

This fly rod is guaranteed for the original owner that if the tip should break or develop a set or bend that it will be repaired at no cost to the owner by Grizzly Bamboo Rods. If for any reason that a manufacturing defect occurs, it will be repaired at no cost. Owner will pay shipping to Grizzly Bamboo Rods. Grizzly Bamboo Rods will pay return shipping back to original owner.

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