Collection: Kim Baker - Heat and Hard Hammer

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Some say a journey starts with the first step, my path actually started with a need to repair a broken post on an earring. Finding that the cost to repair far exceeded the actual cost of the earrings....I thought I could repair it myself. Piece of cake, I thought. I just need a few tools and a YouTube video or two...The journey to repair that earring has now spanned several years and has expanded to include the creation of sterling silver and copper pendants with exotic gems and stones found from all over the world, bracelets, rings and other pieces. Innate curiosity and thirst for personal discovery as a developing artist has exposed me to a varied mix of mediums-from the omni-present photography passion to stained glass to recently learning how to weld.

My thirst to try different techniques and other mediums has been energizing and continues to fuel the drive to create something that captures and showcases the beauty of the organic elements found in nature. The continued fascination of the interplay between medium and the emotional feelings a unique piece can invoke. My metal work (and photography)is a means to have an outlet for these creations. Many ask, "Did you ever repair that earring?" I did and every time I gaze upon it I'm reminded of the amazing journey it continues to take me on...