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I started making jewelry, actually, with bookmarks. My family - 6 girls - makes Christmas gifts for each other. The first year we switched to doing this, I made cord and bead bookmarks, but quickly graduated up to ribbon and bead, and then Shepherds Hooks. The next year was Sun-catchers - an item one of my sisters still requests - from there I went to earrings and bracelets, etc.

I generally try new things because someone has asked me if I make it. My response is always, "I haven't yet, but I bet I could!". The latest challenge was an Elven Circlet and Belt that I made as a custom order - yes, I do custom orders! I am now working on a second custom order circlet. I have a bad habit - or wonderful to me - of hoarding beads. However, they need to "speak" to me before I use them. I am hoping they will do a lot of talking, now that I have retired.

I hope folks like my creations as much as I do - some items hit my personal collection, because I just can't let them go - and enjoy checking them out. Everything I make is unique - I find making duplicates to be boring - and that is why my slogan is "Uniquely Yours".

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