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KTown Kreations was created after James and Amanda Paul discovered they both have creative sides- but in much different mediums. James or “Jamey” has a background in construction and grew to love the woodworking side of that. Once he moved away from construction, he made woodworking a hobby. Jamey built a mini wood-shop attached to the couple’s garage and never looked back. He creates rustic cutting boards and cribbage boards using local hardwoods. Each Kreation comes with a mini bottle of cutting board oil.

Amanda is a jewelry designer. From a young age she wanted to be an artist but couldn’t draw to save her life. Her creative journey went from beads to painting to calligraphy to wreaths and then came full circle- back to beads. Her love for color drives every project she makes. Minimalist is not in her vocabulary- though she can make those items on request. Amanda started with making beaded crystals to hang from rear view windows in cars to custom pendants and detailed wire work. Amanda welcomes special orders and challenges. Give her a theme and she wont leave her craft room for hours!