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A mother/daughter duo following the whim of the world and feeding our passion for creativity in surface design and high-end wing making. We thrive in creating art through our very-different, yet compatible methods. Very much in collaboration with each other- you will be hard-pressed to find a print or design in our studio uniquely by one or the other.

Working together, we understand our strengths and weaknesses and are happy to entertain individual clientele should you be driven more toward one style or the other. You will never lose when choosing us.

Jamie hand-crafts ink and acrylic artwork, practices pyrography, she paints tiles, coasters and trivets and will hand-etch into stone by request. She will happily design surface design patterns and resize, or digitize any piece on our site.

Based out of Kalispell, Montana, Tracy works in several mediums; Chinese Brush, watercolors with ink, oils, and, most recently, alcohol ink on tile. She is self-taught and experiments with mediums, techniques, and styles finding joy in the journey.

We are dedicated to providing the best hand-crafted designs and images which represent you.

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