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I moved into the Flathead Valley 5 years ago. I noticed that everywhere I went all I could find for hot sauce were the classics: Cholulah, Siraccha & Tobasco. Never anything local except at a few select restaurants that had their own homemade sauce. As a green sauce lover I couldn't quite find one with the perfect amount of spice and flavor. So creating the Serrano Poblano hot sauce is the reason I started it all. Once quarentine hit in the summer of 2020 I started messing around with recipe ideas & beginning the steps of becoming a legit business. Finally launching the finished products - Serrano Poblano, Mango Habanero & Morita Chipotle in December of 2021.

My goal is flavor over spice, as a heavy sauce lover I like to douse almost every bite with hot sauce. So I've mellowed out some of the spice to bring out the delicious flavors of serranos and habaneros. Don't get me wrong, you will still be sweating by the end of your meal. I also have created 3 very different flavor profiles so you can have the perfect pairing with every meal. Living in a ski town with never ending rising prices I also wanted to create a hot sauce that is affordable for everyone because the chances are you will become addicted! So all 3 of my sauces are under the 10$ price point. With no glass recycling services here I offer money back from restaurants who return their empty bottles back to me so I can clean & re-use those bottles. Stay tuned for more products popping up as I continue to grow Last Best Hot Sauce!

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