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Hey there, I'm Lindsay, and I'm the creative force behind Montana Alchemy. Kalispell, MT, has been my home for most of my life, where I've developed a deep passion for gardening, playing golf, and crafting beautiful creations.

In the summer of 2019, I embarked on a quest to preserve the vibrancy of my garden blooms. After extensive research, I discovered the art of preserving flowers in epoxy resin. This led to the birth of Montana Alchemy, where I handcraft exquisite coasters and necklaces, each a unique piece of art. Every flower's distinct beauty shines through in my work.

I've always been an avid creator, exploring various art mediums throughout my life. My current artistic focus centers on the versatile world of epoxy resin. I delight in experimentation and continually crafting new, captivating pieces. When nature's colors are out of reach during the winter, I also craft handmade cardstock greeting cards, which can be tailored to your specific preferences.

At Montana Alchemy, I'm excited to share my passion for preserving nature's beauty and creating art that brightens your world. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific requests or simply want to connect and explore the world of unique, handcrafted art. Together, let's bring a touch of Montana's enchanting nature into your home.