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From a young age I wanted to be an artist. Before I could write I would draw out little list of things I wanted to do at the age of 2. My dad Dru was a sculptor that also dabbled in a bit of everything. We where best friends and he helped me develop my artistic skills for years. We had a dream to be able to support our selves and share our art with the community. In 2017 I lost my dad to his battle with depression. After his death he had left me with a life time collection of tools and other equipment to continue exploring my creative abilities. He never got to live out his dream as a selling artist but left me with the tools to do so.

Orr Arts is a tribute to my father and our dream of being artists. I, Sabrina am a painter focusing on watercolor and oil painting. My subject matter leans to floral and human anatomy. I also much like my dad dabble in a little bit of everything else to. The works left by Dru like his bronzes will be sold as well as prints and stickers of his original illustrations. I believe that art is the truest expression of freedom and shouldn’t be confined, but always be expanded upon.

Check out some of my newest products - hand made papers and recycled glass etching art.

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