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Raskol Ink. utilizes the hoodie as its canvas. Hand drawn designs are developed onto silk screens and placed thoughtfully on this most beloved article of clothing. Fueled by curiosity and personal expression the designs inspire the imagination to flicker. When worn the wearer and hoodie become a moving piece of art.

The concept of Raskol Ink began from a conversation in front of a brewery with an incredible artist and friend, Anika Youcha. Both of us were, and still are, in love with hoodies. At the time, we were disgruntled at the lack of rad fitting hoodies with unique art on them.

From there the journey began and Raskol Ink was formed. Techniques of "how to" screen-print were learned and I become aware that a direct connection with the line work, literally hand to pen, in the designs was important. Not wanting to lose that connection in the digital ether my process is all analogue path in which a computer is not used.

Designs are inspired by thoughts from sounds, books, rivers, trees, mountains, conversations and rocks, to name a few.

These Raskol Ink hoodies would like to be worn by, but not limited to, the funky, quirky soul searchers, celebrities, athletes, baristas, writers, bartenders, entertainers, artists, dancers and creators of the world.


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