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Flowers inspire me -- especially brilliant, red oriental poppies with their deep purple centers and delicate crimson petals! I grew up in the Yukon, Canada, where my mom always grew poppies of all varieties around the various places we lived. They were her mom’s favorite flower, and she grew them to honor her. The tradition continues: my home is now surrounded by happy, colorful poppies, blooming in various shades of red, coral, pink, and mango.

As a young girl, I loved to gather wild flowers with my mom from the fields surrounding our home. We would bring them home, and she would help me look up the names of each one in our wild flower book, and then carefully press the flowers between the pages of our big, family dictionary. When they were fully pressed and dried, I would carefully glue them into a scrapbook, with the name carefully printed below each dried, pressed flower. That book was the sweetest of treasures to me.

When I first started making flowers out of felt, a big, red poppy was my first creation. Red Poppy Designs was born! Nothing makes my heart happier than to slip into my little crafty studio, first thing in the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand and my favorite podcast playing in the background. Of course, my loyal little fur baby, Buddy, is always there, too, usually perched in my office chair to keep an eye on things.

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