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Bare trees are fascinating and can stand alone in beauty without the addition of leaves. Each twig, branch and cluster of pine needles are unique and naturally graceful. The Flathead forests share an abundance of choices to create from these treasures. "Flathead Timber Insights" combines the forest creations with the desire and curiosity to use what is natural and available to all Montanans.

Fallen logs become candle logs and the limbs are used for blanket ladders. June, 2022 brought swollen rivers to the Yellowstone and we were there to salvage river stripped trees. Their twisted shapes were perfect for our blanket ladders.

Twigs are everywhere and no two are alike. Strung into garland with beads and copper stars produces an outdoor porch decoration that is all Montana. Bark pencils with their crude textures are another source from the twigs.

"Fascicles" describe clusters of scotch pine needles enhanced with patina copper stars and cinnamon essential oil. Kokanee Bend sheds these pine needles and they are a delight to put together. A fourth generation Montanan, I hope to represent ACF well.

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