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Positioned on a tiny hillside covered in sub-alpine green, with rocks and lichen, wildlife from deer to the occasional bear, and overlooking a small quiet lake stands a wee pottery studio and a small farm.

Patti Gregerson, is a studio potter in Marion, Montana. She longs for life’s simple pleasures. For Patti, they are a calmness from a slower pace in the day, the comfort of being home, nourishment from homegrown and cooked meals, connections formed through handmade crafts, and the embrace of nature.

Through her pottery and crafts, Patti aspires to produce cherished items that help to instill those wonderfully nurturing aspects of life into the daily lives of others. She works in small batches. Each piece is thrown on the wheel in the likeness of the other pieces in the batch. Hand-brushed glazing ensures each pot will have its own unique character and charm in shape, size, and glaze-flow results. A little sway, a drip of glaze, the lines formed from the potter’s hands at the wheel, all add character and a memory of the small ball of clay that grew into something with purpose.

Patti loves to make worldly, classic pots, with a whisper of history, dressed for the modern day, for everyday living. She hopes her pots become part of someone’s daily rituals, to have endless possibilities, and to be used with routine. Stone Cottage Pottery and Farm exists to create useful things that bring a sense of comfort and joy to people’s lives.