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I guess we have to go back to being a little girl. Christmas has always been the magic in the world- at least to me. So ever since I was a small child I loved decorating, drawing, designing, painting - I did it all. Not until I was in my twenties did I actually find my calling. After jumping through all these mediums, from refinishing furniture and upholstery to watercolor, I went back to Christmas. I was living in Coeur d'Alene, ID working at a year-round Christmas store and there I was given the opportunity to be creatively free.

I did window displays, participated in festival of the trees- where teams would create ornate and extravagant Christmas displays for auction. I started doing custom Christmas installs in people's homes, and honestly I don't know if I could've been happier. Though in 2018 I decided to move to Kalispell and that's when I decided that wreaths were going to be my next project. November 2019 I did my very first show with ACF and I've been doing flowers ever since.

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