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Hello! My name is Sonja Cawood and I am the owner and creator at The Inspired Pen. I was born and raised in the small town of Troy, moved around quite a bit in my 20s to experience life outside of my small hometown, but Montana called me home in my early 30s. I consider myself one of the most fortunate people on the planet to call Montana my home. When I'm not creating, my kiddos and I enjoy camping, fishing, gardening, and traveling.

I started my business in 2019 creating greeting cards, junk journals, and scrapbooks. In the last two years, I have expanded to natural dyed, tea, and coffee stained paper, art journals, ephemera for junk journals and scrapbooks, heirloom recipe books, bowl cozies, and other sewing projects. Crafting is my passion and I am so grateful to be able to use my passion as a business. I began crafting over 25 years ago making cards, scrapbooks, drawing, and painting. As much as I enjoy drawing and painting, I found over the years that papercrafting and mixed-media art was where my true interests lie. I love combining vintage and modern materials in my work. Grunge, botanical, and the outdoors are my favorite styles. I take a great deal of inspiration from the beautiful scenery I have been so lucky to have been raised around.

Sewing is another obsession of mine and I adore working with as many different textiles as I can get my hands on. I sew journal covers, page embellishments, bowl cozies, tote bags, and am launching a line of coasters and fabric baskets this year. I collect and use as much vintage and retro fabric as I can find. The character the old patterns bring to a project are stunning. I source as many materials as I can from small resale businesses, auctions, flea markets, and estate sales. Many of the items I use in my work would otherwise be destined for the landfill and I believe in giving new life to old things and creating as close to zero-waste in my business practices as I can. I use almost all my materials down to the smallest scrap which has encouraged me to be even more creative with many of my projects. I find it very therapeutic to look at something most people would just throw away and find a creative use for it. Art is the best therapy in my opinion.

I do most of my business online, but also attend a few of the markets and the ACF Summer Show. If you are a local who is interested in my work, contact me by email and I will arrange to meet and deliver products to you to save on shipping. I also take custom orders and enjoy collaborating on projects with my customers.