My Favorite Summer Dessert

My Favorite Summer Dessert

Post by Stephanie Wiley

Many years ago, when I aws in home economics in high school, the year end project was to demonstrate a recipe with a partner in front of the class.  My friend Julie and I scoured cookbooks and magazines looking for the perfect recipe.  I remember exactly where we were when we found it: it was in the late spring and we were in Palm Springs with her parents.  They recipe came from the Bon Appetite magazine that her mom had brought with her.  This is one of those memories that has stuck with me because I have continued to make this recipe every summer since 1984.

I am definitely one of those people when scanning recipes who always lean towards the recipes with fewer ingredients.  And apparently this started back when I was in this class in high school.  The recipe was made that year which earned us both A's in class is called "Sly Lemon Pie".  I still have that binder full of all the recipes that our classmates made that year somewhere stuck with all the other cookbooks I've dragged around for years.

I have made many variations of this pie.  I've changed the flavor, I've added fill-ins, but I always go back to the classic, original recipe and it's always a hit.  Every summer, my kids asked me to make it and all of their friends loved it.  It's so simple, but such a perfect summer dessert.  If you want to give it a Montana flair, add huckleberries (or any other berries) to the top just before serving.  I hope your familes love it as much as mine does!

Sly Lemon Pie

1 graham cracker pie crust
1 carton vanilla ice cream
1 frozen lemonade can
Yellow food coloring (optional)

Let the ice cream and the lemonade soften until you can stir them together.  Once they're combined, add food coloring and pour into pie crust.  Freeze couple of hours until it's ready to eat!  You'll have extra ice cream which you can freeze and serve by itself or make ice cream sandwiches with graham crackers.

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