August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

Don’t Forget to RSVP for the Members’ Picnic

The Annual Members’ Picnic will be held on Sunday, August 28, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, at Lawrence Park in Kalispell

You won’t want to miss this event.  It’s a great way to get to know your fellow members in a non-event setting.  We will have main courses catered by Famous Dave’s BBQ and ask attendees to bring a side dish or dessert to share:

  • Members with last names A-K should plan to bring dessert or fruit
  • Members with last names L-Z please plan to bring a side dish or salad.

There will be a scavenger hunt, goodie bags for kiddos, and BINGO!  Plus there will be some prizes!  Kiddos and spouses are invited too.

 Make sure to RSVP - Contact Pam at 760-217-0474

Click HERE to follow the event on Facebook

2022 Christmas Show - November 25-27, 2022

If you haven’t already done so, please don’t forget to send in your vendor application for the 2022 ACF Christmas Show.  Application deadline is September 14, 2022, but we’re already filling up fast!!

You can find online and printable applications here:

Still looking to get your 2 meeting attendance count for that full booth fee discount?:  There are still three more meetings/events you can attend to get your participation counted:

  • Aug 28 - Members’ Picnic
  • Aug 29 - Outreach Committee Meeting
  • Sept 14 - General Meeting

Follow the Facebook Event HERE

Need to Cancel your booth?

While we absolutely don’t want to see any of you need to cancel, we do understand that sometime stuff just comes up and schedules need to change.  So, as a friendly reminder, you can cancel your booth anytime before November 1, 2022 and still get a FULL REFUND.

Cancellation notices and refund requests must be in writing using the ACF form.  You can find the online forms here:

Have questions?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us:


Fall Art/Craft Supply Market - Sept. 17, 2022

Ready to clean out your craft supply closet, shelf, boxes, storage, etc?  We can help with that!  Outreach Committee is planning their first ever “Create it Forward” Fall Art/Craft Supply Sale. This event will be held on Sept. 17, 2022 in the Country Kitchen Building of the Flathead County Fairgrounds. 

There are a few different ways in which you can choose to participate or sell your surplus art/craft supplies.  All we ask to get started is that you pay a $25 up-front participation deposit.  Then consider the following:

  1. Would you like to donate your supplies, let us sell them and/or donate them to a local school?
  2. Would you like to drop off your supplies, let us try to sell them, then you pick up anything that doesn’t sell? - donate 25% of your sales.
  3. Would you like to participate and sell your own supplies at the event? - donate 10% of your sales.
  4. Would you like to volunteer to help out?
Coordinate supply drop off/pick up by contacting
Lindsay Mena - 406-249-9181 -

Click HERE to find the sign up form and event flyer.

Special Meeting - Oct. 12, 2022

In advance of our November election meeting, where we usually finalize most, if not all, of our plans for the next year, we’d like to have a brainstorming discussion with you all about 2022 Summer Show, how it went, ways we can make it better, and whether or not we should join with Food Truck Festival again for next year. 

We would also like to take some time to discuss the future of ACF and ways in which we can manage the growth of our organization.  If we continue to attract new members and vendors like we have been, we are no  longer going to be able to “guarantee” a booth space for every member.  So, Board has been tossing around many ideas, including but not limited to, capping our membership at 200 people and offering various incentives for organization participation.  But we’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas as well before we make any final proposals and any changes are made.  So, make sure you come to the October Meeting!!

Special Meeting

October 12, 2022

7:00 PM

Country Kitchen of Flathead County Fairgrounds

Click HERE to see the event statistics and vendor survey comments from 2022 Summer Show.

Online Sales Through the ACF Webpage

As many of you may recall, in 2020 we revamped the ACF webpage to be able to host online sales for any member who wanted to list items.  A few of you took advantage of this feature and even sold some items - yay!  But, with everyone’s busy schedules and other events taking place, it has been really difficult to keep the webpage updated with new product listings. 

So, we’re going to try something NEW!  Rather than having items listed for sale all the time, we’re going to host an online “virtual” market for three weeks in October. 

Here’s how it will work:

  • If you’ve already paid the $50 design fee for listing products in the past 2 years, you do not need to pay again.
  • New participants in the online sales will need to pay a one-time $50 design fee. This is to cover the costs associated with hosting the website and creating your item “slots”
  • ACF will advertise this online event through social media.
  • We will notify you if one of your items sells. Then you are responsible for shipping the item to the buyer within 48 hours of the sale.
  • See the ACF 2022 Handbook for more details on how online sales works.

Contact Lindsay with questions, concerns or to get on the participant list.  More details will be shared to all as we get closer to October.

Next General Meeting

September 14, 2022

7:00 pm

Country Kitchen of Flathead County Fairgrounds

 Follow the event on Facebook HERE

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